Monday, November 30, 2015

When A Former Bishop gets in your Personal Life

How a Former Bishop of my Home Ward got into my families Business

Years ago when I was 19 years old, I was invited to a mission farewell from a former bishop of my home ward. His oldest son was going on an LDS mission. So after church I walked over to the house. Thinking that it was going to be a nice farewell mingle with the missionary going out on a LDS mission. But I was wrong.

I met the father in the back yard, while everyone else was already inside the house. I thought it was awkward and strange having just us two sitting in the backyard while the 'party' was inside. The family inside the house was watching from inside. Like something was going to go down. So the man, of whom I knew little, at first talked about how I was doing and how my future mission plans were going. I was planning on going on a mission soon and he was interested, yet troubled by it. So after about 5 minutes of chatting about my mission plans, he decided to bring up the true reason why I was over. He said to me:

"Brother, I know that you want to serve an LDS mission like my son, but I feel that you are not worthy."

I was like, "wha.."

He went on..."I know you are a good person and all. Yet, I have a non-member friend in the ward who believes you swore at the other day?"

"What, who is this?" I was shocked. But then I realized why I was invited over to his house in private. While the rest of the family and friends stayed inside the house.

I was upset, but didn't want to make things even more odd. And so I told him that it was my older brother that got upset at his non-mormon friend the other day. It was a road rage incident where my older brother was pulling out of the driveway. And the lady in a giant SUV zoomed by, almost hitting him. So he followed her and told her off, nothing more.

"So, now she won't come to church. Because she feels that a soon-to-be missionary of the church chased her down and yelled at her." He said. "She is a kind lady, and would make a great member of the church, but now I feel that your brother ruined it. I will have to give your brother a call on the matter."

She wasn't a kind lady, in fact. She was insane. She hated my mother for what-ever reason. And from my brothers account, tried to run him off the road as he pulled out. But, that's besides the point.

The former bishop believed my story, I think. And finally he let me go peace. It was awkward walking away while the people inside the house kept looking at me. Like I was a horrible person or something.

I walked home and told me parents, and they didn't take it well at all.

I thought it was a strange story. But I feel that this former bishop, thought or wanted to still be the bishop of the ward. And wanted to get into other peoples business.

His son returned home from the MTC two weeks later for what-ever reason and never returned.

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