Monday, November 30, 2015

Crazy MTC Stories: Almost getting murdered in my sleep!

The Crazy MTC Stories of life and death!

This is a true story, and one of many crazy tales from missionaries, leaders and members of the LDS church. I thought it was funny how the closest I ever got in my life of getting a stabbed in the chest was at the MTC!

Way back when I was an missionary from the LDS church. I was Serving 3 weeks-to-life at the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC). I almost got stabbed to death in my sleep by a fellow Mormon missionary! True fact! I, along with 3 other roommates were just about ready to go to bed in our MTC dorm for the night. Yet, we started to fear for our lives!

“That new elder in our group is insane!” The district Leader said. “I think he is going to kill us in our sleep or something!”

I thought the 3 other elders were crazy at first, but next thing I knew I felt the same. This new elder in the group came in a few days before this event took place. He was an ex-military and was at one point an 'anti-mormon'. He also suffered with bi-polar issues and acted odd around us. This crazy elder was staying in another dorm down the hall. So we felt like this elder was going to stab us, or someone else at the MTC.

So all 4 of us went to bed and woke up alive. The crazy missionary soon left the district and served with other elders in the MTC.

I left to serve my mission and a few months later the 3 elders came up to me during a zone meeting and said.

“Dude, remember that crazy missionary that thought of killing us in our sleep!”
“Yeah, he was nuts, what about him?” I said.
“Well, after we left Provo he soon got kicked out of the MTC. And arrested because he tried to stab his companion in his sleep!”

I asked myself since then; How on earth did this missionary made it that far? Why did his bishop or Stake President from his home town stop him before going to the MTC? He was out of his mind and unstable. Sadly, not the only missionary that I met during the two years of service that I faced that had the same issues.

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