Friday, September 4, 2015

My experience facing a rude LDS church parking garage entrance gate employee

You, shaw not, pass!

Rude lds church employee gate keeper
Hey, you mortal, don't pass the gate!
One afternoon in Salt Lake City, my girlfriend invited me to her best friend's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. So I drove my car into the underground parking garage underneath the Main street plaza/LDS church office building to find a place to park.
I entered the parking garage entrance gate and a middle age man was inside the booth. He was dressed in a white shite and tie, and a suit, as all LDS church employees wear.  So I pulled over to hopefully find a parking spot so I could meet my girlfriend on time.
However, the church employee at the booth was very rude and wouldn't let me enter. I was from out-of-town, so I had no clue where to park in the city, and people told me to use the underground parking garages under main street. This is how our little conversation went:

"Hello, I'm here for a wedding, can I park my car here?" I asked.
"Sure you can.............But I don't see a parking pass inside your dashboard!"
"Okay, so where can I park this car?"
"Well, NOT IN HERE, or i'll call the police and have your car towed!" He rudely stated. That's what I was trying to state, where can I park elsewhere near by.
"Turn around now, and park at the Crossroads Mall." (Where City Creek Center is now).

So I left feeling stupid and useless. I finally found a parking spot elsewhere in another parking garage, but was upset at that rude LDS church employee that had some God complex or something.
Years later when visiting my wife's grandma who lived in downtown, told us about a 'very rude' church employee at the parking garage entrance gate, and turned out it was that same employee.
I laughed, go figure. I hate it when there are those mormon bullies, mostly those self-righteous ones in some form of LDS employment that have some form of self-pride for being a member, or working for the church. And this was before I worked a year for the LDS church.

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