Friday, September 4, 2015

Mormon Church Ball Horror Stories

The only fight that begins with a prayer!

I hate church ball! I've played in a few games during the years and found it even more violent than most R-rated films the ward leaders told us to avoid.
I also noticed that there are rules for 'no dunking the ball', but not one rule about 'running up the score'. I've been in church ball games on both ends of the score board. Winning by 60-80 points and losing by 60-80 points. Each time I would find only anger when one player tries to score a personal record. Hitting buzzer beaters, elbowing faces. Then at the end of the game, comes over to shake hands. I wanted to punch him in the face, but I held back.

Once my wife came one in tears. Because her and her ward volleyball team was kicked out of the stake center gym by another team that wanted to have the entire gym for themselves. I wanted to storm over to that snotty group of girls and raise hell. But I knew that wouldn't be, 'christlike' no would it. But what is anymore?

Do you have any funny church ball stories of fights? Comment below.

Church ball

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