Friday, September 4, 2015

Flights at my LDS home ward growing up

lds mormon church bullying
Hey, you inferior ones, go to Sunday-school with me... 

Going to church was hell for me growing up! To simply sum it up that way, HELL! And where I found that it was safer for me going to school than church, that says something odd about the "by their fruits" system.
I and my family was also bullied from fellow Mormon church members in our home ward in South Jordan, Utah for years until we finally moved after 5 years.

There were many cases of bullying my brother and I faced every week at church that I will state in this blog, but here are a few funny and crazy ones I can write on this article now.

One incident I got mooned! Yes, when my brother and I was walking out of the church building after serving our time at church, a group of kids a little older than us that were in the elders quorum drove by and two inside the car mooned us, bearing their ultra-white asses! I've never had a mooning since, funny that it was at church.

Another only had church moment when I was young was when there was a 5th Sunday meeting. Where the entire ward met during the third hour in the chapel. I was by my self on a pew, and a group of kids sat next to me. I, by mistake bumped my elbow by mistake at the kid next to me, and he responded by full-out punching me! It was a very hard punch, and that me state that I served my time in Junior high and never gotten punch by another kid. Except at a Mormon church. How ironic.

Scout camps also sucked growing up. The LDS church in Utahard use the Boy Scouts of America and i'm sure it's awkward for non-members to attend Scouts as a kid, yes? I would always get peed on very time. When I was sleeping, right on my sleeping bag, or on my tent in the middle of the night. The reason why i soon left Scouts because everyone were punks.

Strait outta Caucasian Compton!

It was common to see fights at church in the halls or in the classrooms. By my peers growing up. Full out pushing and fist fights!

Do you have any stories of Mormon Church fights? Comment below.

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