Monday, August 10, 2015

When a Missionary swears at a LDS General Authorities

So there was was, fresh and green in the mission field. Serving in the big, hot city. I was at the time a innocent mormon missionary with high hopes of the work and feeling that all, or most, missionaries were as innocent as me?
But my arrogant point of view changed one day during a mission zone conference, when a visiting LDS church General Authority (of the 70) came to visit my mission.

Meeting a LDS General Authority

After the mission president talked to us for what felt like hours, the General Authority got up and spoke to us more hours more. After the GA talked, or drilled to us the importance of the missionary white handbook, he invited all of us elders and sisters to walk up to the stand in the chapel and shake his hand.
I was like, "Yes, I've only been out about a month and i'm already meeting a church General Authority....of the First Quorum of the Seventy! So I got up, waited my turn to meet him and his wife. However, there was a elder in front of me that got to the GA first. The General Authority looked at this elder, smiled and asked, "What is your name elder?" The arrogant missionary, who's been out around 18 months, looked up at the GA and rudely stats, "You can read my name tag, can you!" and walks on. He also did the same thing to the GA's wife.
Afterwards, the QA met into that same rude elder and told him off on his un-christlike ways. And the elder responded by saying: "Hell, we had to suffer your drill sergeant talk for hours, so don't worry about it, go to hell!" and walks off.

What are some of your crazy Missionary stories?

Do you have any crazy LDS missionary stories you would love to tell? Or stories likewise to the one above? Please comment below and share.

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