Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Most Epic, Funniest BYU story of all-time!

So you ask, what is the the most epic, craziest, funniest BYU story of all-time! Well, my friend. I have one in my brain, and I'm gonna write it on here blog!
When I was living in Utah County, I knew someone in my ward that was a marriage councilor at BYU Provo. She had all kinds of crazy, young, horny BYU newly weds come in her office and tell her their story. But one stood up above all!

Funny BYU Stories
The below story about a newly wed BYU couple is Real, no joke!

So a young, newly wed BYU couple walked into her office one day to talk. They have been married for over a year and want a baby. They have been trying for months to have a baby, but she can't get pregnant for gosh sakes! So the councilor I knew chatted with them and set appointments with them and how this was troubling them so. After a few weeks she asked them more details of their sexual behavior and ways in the bedroom. The young couple then told them how frustrated they were about sex, even more than trying to have a baby. So they told the councilor the shocking, insane details of their odd sex life.
The man then stated how they were having sex, or trying. He said that they were having "sex" by sitting on the bed nude and rubbing each-others chest together hard. During so the wife would say, "This is so painful, my boobs hurt!" and the guy would get upset and say, "Stop complaining babe, this is how sex works!" So after hearing this, the councilor, whom mostly likely had the biggest face palm in human history, had to educate the couple on how to "really" have sex, and thus, have a baby.
I can imagine the guy thinking to himself, "So thats why stuff comes out down there."
Poor young, newly wed BYU couple, so naive about the world around them, even basic sex for the love of Brigham.

So do you have funny BYU coEd stories to share? Comment below and see if your story tops this one!

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