Thursday, August 13, 2015

If Joseph Smith was wrong, i'd go to hell with him!

Sister missionaries say the darnedest things sometimes. In fact, I heard a bunch during my sentence as a LDS missionary that should very well become a TV show hosted by Bill Cosby! I'd watch that show and maybe like them on Facebook. One such zone conference topped it all with such crazy words from our fellow sisters of Zion.
I was with my fellow elders sitting in the back row, goofing of and chatting about life as other missionaries were called to stand up front and give their testimonies. One sister missionary stood up and gave hers. Not to be mean, she was a sweetheart sister that had a very strong testimony and was an all-out good human being, but what she said in her testimony made my very soul to shake and state: "We work in the same church, right?"

If Joseph Smith was wrong
T'is Hell fire, sista.
The funny Sister Missionary testimony

So this sweet sister missionary got up and bore her testimony, I quote: "I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, I love brother Joseph so, so, so much, that if he ended up lying, and wasn't a prophet, I would still love to be with him, even in hell!" The zone leader elder next to me tried to hold back the laughter. I was like, WTF?
After that meeting we went out tracting door-to-door, and I was like, I've only been out a few weeks, will I get crazy like that! Hopefully not.

Share some of your funny stories from fellow Sister Missionaries in the comment below.

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