Friday, August 21, 2015

Racism in the Mormon Temple

I knew a very nice, humble and kind young hispanic lady once when I was attending a Mormon church in the southern Salt Lake Valley.

Racism in the Mormon Temple, Face palm Jesus mode

The lady was recently divorced and had a baby boy with her. She told me of her struggle with her past marriage with her ex husband and how him and his family (Mostly his father) would verbally be-little and abused her because of her race.  Even telling her in the celestial room of the Salt Lake Temple during her sealing, that "You will not go to the celestial kingdom with my son, because you are of the lesser race that have a mark placed because of the sins of your forefathers. Completely uncalled for. When I heard this story, I tried to hold back my anger and feeling, but all I said was, "Good thing you are not put of that Mormon zealot family anymore!" Reminds me of what my mother went through when we first moved to Utah when I was little and when my mother joined the church.
I felt bad that lady had to go through that, and how they are not paying child support for the baby, or supporting him in anyway. All because of a family that still believes its the 1600s.
I hate racism, but I extremely hate racism when it's church, or God based. People, MORMONS, lets stop this now. This evil judging of others has to stop now!

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