Monday, August 3, 2015

How Sister Missionaries Turned Water into Gasoline

What happens if you are out of gas, and it's a Sunday?

While I was serving a LDS mission ten years ago. My mission president (Or petty officer) loved the sister missionaries more than us elders. He would always praise the sisters and leave us elders in the dust. Thinking sister missionaries worked harder, were more holier and smarter than the elders.
However, one day I overheard a story that changed all that.
One day before a stake conference, a set of sister missionaries were excited to get into their car and drive to the stake conference meeting, about 10 miles away. However, they couldn't start their car, because it was out of gas.
Sister missionaries mormon stories

So, knowing it was Sunday and they couldn't break the holy sabbath by buying gas at the near by gas station. They thought of a loop hole. So they felt inspired to put water in the gas tank and pray to turn the water into fuel. So they grabbed the garden hose and stuck it up the gas tank and filled 'r up. So after a few minutes, their tank was filled with h2o goodness. The sisters then went into their car and prayed that the water in their tank would become Fossil fuel! Heck, Jesus turned water into wine, why not sister missionaries!
So after ten minutes of trying to turn the car on, it wasn't not working. So they gave up and phoned the mission president. And he was pissed!
So after that day my mission president no longer treated sisters better than elders, however, he treated the two as the same form now on.
Sister missionaries water hose
Don't know if this story is true or not, but it's still pretty funny every time I hear it. It's a classic pro-elder missionary folk lore.

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